14 September 2010

Good-bye Sketchy Dorm Rooms: an ode (or a bad poem about a decrepit building)

Your bathrooms had no toilet seats,
Nor did they have handwashing sinks.
When anyone else turned on the water,
Ice cold or scalding hot you would sputter.

One day I came home and turned on the light,
Brightly it shown, then suddenly night.
For this and “gettons”, the next day, I waited.
Two hours passed before this task was completed.

With “gettons” in hand, I went to the room of laundry.
It failed not to live up to your decrepit legacy.
Of washers, there were three, of dryers, two
And you remember how many worked, don’t you?

There were other incidents as well,
A broken glass door, always locked,
A run through the rain filled dark, I did not take
But these stories perhaps another time I shall tell.
What needs to be said, I shall now say.
Good bye janky, sketchtastic dorm rooms,
I shant ever forget your green shudders,
Nor the grungy interior they long to keep from display

1 comment:

  1. This poem is completely made by the line "Good bye janky, sketchtastic dorm rooms." Because that elevated it to COMPLETELY FREAKING AWESOME. Tell me your stories.


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