12 August 2010

Bordeaux is googlese for dog

Yeterday, I was sitting at my computer trying to think of a brilliant excuse to get out of studying for my final (which was today) for as long as possible, and I thought "I''m moving to a country half way around the world in less than two weeks and I know very little about the city I'm going to be living in." Seriously, I know like three things: 1. They have vineyards somewhere, 2. It's by a large river, 3. My dad's french coworker described it as a) like Santa Barbara  and b) bourgeois (my dad had to come home and ask me what this means).

So I look at their tourism website, but really I just want to look at pictures and they don't seems to have a bunch of them collected in one area. Then I look at the weather, which is AWESOME by the way. Apparently, it gets hot there mostly in July, and by August it has a wonderful average temperature of 75*F.  YES!
So then I decide to image search Bordeaux, this is the first page of results:
You know what's annoying? When X-large is WAY big and large is way small.
(Isn't the new google images thingy nifty?)

So I'm all: Google, I'm fairly certain that I am going to a city, not to a dog. And google's all: I'm not taking back my results.
So I scroll down and there are more dogs including this one:

This dog is cute in the most disturbing way possible, is he not?

I am so disturbed that I am forced to research these dogs, all of which turn out to be of the breed "Dogue de Bordeaux". Which sounded to me like the stupidest anglicism ever. Further research however indicates that "dogue" is french for mastiff. So I guess I can forgive whoever named these dogs.

I still know next to nothing about Bordeaux, but I did find some really awesome pictures which make me really excited to be going.

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  1. "I'm fairly certain I'm going to a city, not a dog." HA HA HA HA.

    I love this.


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