26 August 2010

Bordeaux, the tour

Today was my second full day in Bordeaux. In the morning there were informational meeting for both of the groups here (Language and Culture, and Immersion), and at 14:00 (as they say here) we had a tour of Bordeaux.
Although I’ve gone down to Bordeaux before and also to Pessac (which is actually closer to this side of the university in the opposite direction), this was the most extensive look at my surroundings that I’ve gotten. It also took me to the nicest parts of Bordeaux, apparently I hadn’t gone quite far enough the first time.
Mostly this part of Bordeaux reminded me of Disneyland (probably New Orleans Square?) . Our guide was really fantastic and said everything in French AND English. Which was nice because even though I understood most everything she said, it was nice to have the time to process the French words (and make sure you got their meaning right).
The first place we saw was le Grand Théâtre, which was built at the site of a roman temple (I think). The architect wanted to honor the muses but there are only 9 of them and 12 columns, so he also added the goddess Juno, Venus, and another one that I can’t remember. To see the tour cliquez ici.

I captioned it and EVERYTHING. Just think of me as your personal tour guide, who isn't actually sure if this is the best way to go about giving a photo tour but figures it will work.  

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